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Controle Alt Delete are a critically important organisation who fight to end racial profiling. Over the years they have campaigned against racial profiling and promoted measures and measuring instruments. They have further organised multiple events, produced films, lobbied for better measures and gained exposure in the media. Through their hard work and dedication, racial profiling is being acknowledged by the minister of justice.


Rise Up Lebanon were founded after the Beirut explosion, dedicated to help medium and small enterprises rebuild themselves. As of now, RiseUp has successfully helped over 153 businesses and recently offered a tote bag with items from these enterprises they were helping and raise over 60,000,00LB


Taste Before You Waste is an initiative focused on the prevention of food waste that was founded in Amsterdam in November 2012. By picking up surplus food and running Food Cycle Markets, Community Dinners and Educational Workshops, they aim to raise awareness about the enormous amount of food that is thrown away and educate people about what they can do to prevent this from happening.



“They were understanding and supportive since day one and they never stopped showing their dedication to this project.

John AShKar - RISE UP Lebanon

“Our wonderful team presented an end report, which, according to Taste Before You Waste, will certainly be implemented!”

- Taste Before You Waste
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We hosted an amazing event in collaboration with 180 Degrees Consulting Tilburg on Consulting with McKinsey and Company
The amazing event broadened our consultants perspectives on what it means to be an effective consultant through leverage training
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