Providing high quality consulting services to not-for-profits, non-governmental-organizations, and social enterprises

180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam


Want to join our amazing organisation and help not-for profit and social enterprises bring about change? Join our board ! Till the 15/05 we are recruiting a new board of passionate, hard-working and visionary students to help further and grow 180 DC Amsterdam and increasingly help social impact enterprises reach their full potential!
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As the number one leading student consulting firm in the world, 180 Degrees Consulting is dedicated to helping social impact firms grow; helping them help others better. But how do we do that?

Our year is divided into two project cycles during which we recruit the most motivated and driven students concerned about social impact from all over Amsterdam to help our clients. We believe that by working closely with the client and pairing students with projects that they are passionate about, we are best able to consult and it appears to be working as since the start of our branch, four years ago, all our clients have been nothing short of satisfied!

At 180 DC Amsterdam we are all visionaries working towards a better world and trying, at our level, to help the ones who are really bringing about this change. 




Our past and current consultant teams have worked with some inspiring clients, and each one of them has been more than satisfied with our work, if you wish to find out more about them, go to our for clients page:

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Latest Trainings

To ensure that they reach their full potential, at 180 DC Amsterdam, we organise several training events for our consultants. While some are hosted internally, for others, we have dedicated professional intervening to teach our consultants, tell them about their experience working in consultancy and guide them through the steps of their cycle. At 180 DC Amsterdam we try to give our consultants and clients the best chances to succeed.


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