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Want to learn more about who we are and why we do this? Read on !
As a branch, we want to create a community that focuses on ethics and holds itself to the highest moral standard, while creating impact and providing students with consulting opportunities to gain, valuable professional experience.


180 Degrees Consulting Amsterdam is one of over 150 branches of 180 Degrees Consulting around the world.

Mala Iyer
Mala Iyer
Nastya Poberezhna 
Executive Development Officer
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Partnerships Director
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Legal & Finance Director
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Our Teams

Names from Left to Right: Savaa Brown, Emily Weber-Rahman,
Emily Poort, Xinyu Ye, & Aleksandra Lankamer (Team Lead)

Client: Justice and Peace Netherlands
Quotes from the Team
🍀 First off, we have our team lead, Aleksandra who is currently in her third year of PPLE majoring in politics. Aleksandra decided to join 180 DC as it was a great opportunity to both gain professional experience in the world of consulting, and know more about the operations of non-profits. But her main drive behind this all was to be able to provide some help to a non-profit with an amazing goal pushed me to apply!

🍀 Next, we have Emily; a second year Economics and Business Economics student who hope to gain a unique insight into the field of consulting, acquire new skills and become inspired by clients who’s work leaves a lasting mark of social impact on our world through her time with us!

🍀 Moving on, there’s Savva our resident first-year environmental policy major at AUC. He is super excited to have joined 180 this cycle as a consultant and hopes to gain a better idea of what being a consultant means, and to improve my analytical and communication skills as a result.

🍀 XinYu is also a part of this amazing team! She’s currently doing a bachelors in communication science and hopes to broaden her consulting knowledge and experience while assisting our clients in accomplishing their goals and making some contribution to societal impact.

🍀 Finally, we have yet again another Emily. This Emily is a psychology student specialising in social psychology who joined 180 DC to meet people who are equally as passionate about social impact as she is ! She also wants to gain experience in consulting and thought that helping an organization reach their potential would be an inspiring way to do so.

Names from Left to Right:  Vamsi Tarimela, Rui Zhao, Linn Pfitzner (Team Lead,
Maren Nordgreen, & Chiara Germani

Client: Femmes for Freedom
Quotes from the Team
🍀 First off, we have Linn a 3rd year PPLE student majoring in Law and the team lead this cycle! Linn is particularly interested in environmental and migration law and their respective intersections with gender and is looking forward to being part of such a global community of students interested in social impact!

🍀 Next up is Rui, studying clinical psychology at the UvA and pursuing a minor in HRM as well as a second psychology track; brain and cognition. She wishes to get teamwork experience by collaborating with 180DC coworkers and to broaden her horizons by learning from people from various backgrounds and fields of study.

🍀 The next team member is Maren, another PPLE law major following extra-curricular courses such as circular economy, social entrepreneurship, and European private law and inequality. She is very excited to join 180 DC as a student consultant, as she believes it is an unique opportunity to not only put theory to practice and learn useful skills but also to contribute to something meaningful and get an insight into how social impact organizations and companies work and the challenges they face.

🍀 Chiara the third year psychology student at the UvA specialising in Work and Organisational Psychology, decided to join 180 DC because she wanted to gain hands-on consulting experience. She hopes that she will develop as a person through gaining new knowledge and skills that will be relevant for her future, whatever it may hold.

🍀Finally, we have Vamsi! He is currently doing a Master in Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University and hopes to get first-hand experience working with non-profit organisations and he hope as a consultant at 180 DC, he will learn valuable skills which are required to solve complex problems and to work in cross-cultural teams.

Names from Left to Right: Sofia Calvo, Maria Fernanda Espino Hooker,
Kylan Legwinski, Nadia Nasrdine (Team Lead), & Viktoria Fink

Client: Youth and Peace Initiative
Quotes from the Team
🍀 First up we have Nadia studying Political Science at the UvA and hoping that after her first cycle at 180 DC, she will have learned a lot about taking responsibility and created a colourful network of inspiring and motivated people!

🍀 Next up is Sofia who is currently doing PPLE and wishes to expand her knowledge on consulting and support companies which contribute to social change through this cycle.

🍀 Fer studies sociology and wants to get some work experience in the not-for-profit sector and learn more about consulting and what it has to offer!

🍀 Next up we have Vicky who studies international business administration. She’s already done a cycle with us so she might look familiar! But during this cycle, Vicky really hopes to improve her client communication skills and gain some additional work experience in this fascinating sector.

🍀 Last but not least, we have Kylan. He is a social psychology students and during his time with 180 DC, he wishes to apply both psychological and business principles together in an interdisciplinary manner to create more effective procedures within an organisation.

Names from Left to Right:  Julian Schuermann, Andreea Dogaru,
Max-Luca Luhn (Team Lead), Parthivi Mariwala, & Heli Song

Client: Pyropower

Quotes from the Team
🍀First off, we have our team lead, Max-Luca, who is currently in his third and final year of European Studies with a specialization in Sustainability and Economics. Besides looking forward to working together with a great team and forming new, inspiring connections, Max-Luca hopes to gain practical experience in social impact consulting and help our client advance their journey toward a more sustainable future.

🍀Next, we have Andreea, who is in her third year of Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) with a major in Law. Andreea is passionate about community culture cultivation and NGO design. She sees being a consultant for 180DC as an opportunity to make passion projects centred around social redress happen. She is especially looking forward to discovering how different perspectives from different disciplinary backgrounds can interact to expand sustainability-focused ideas.

🍀Moving on, there is Heli currently in her second year of PPLE, majoring in economics and business. By participating in 180DC, Heli hopes to experience what it is like to work as a consultant, learn new skills, and overall to put her knowledge and experiences into practice to help their client reach its goals.

🍀Julian, the fourth member of team Revelation, is a second-year Political Science student specializing in Public Policy and Governance. During his time at 180 DC Amsterdam, Julian would like to explore what consultancy is all about, especially regarding sustainability. Further, Julian looks forward to building strong relationships with their client, Pyropower, and his fellow 180 DC Amsterdam members.

🍀Finally, we have Parthivi, studying international relations at Amsterdam University College. For a while now, she has had a growing interest in consultancy and wants to develop her skills further while having a positive impact. When Parthivi heard about the work done at 180 Degrees with its focus on social impact, she decided that this was something she wanted to be a part of.