Searching for driven and dedicated students to help bring your organization forward?

Looking for a new, young and fresh perspective on your issues?

Or simply want to help passionate and diverse students learn more about the social sector and consulting?

Then look no further!

What can we offer ?

Aware of the numerous challenges faced by the social sector and knowing that amongst the numerous organisations aiming to improve education, health, economic and environmental outcomes, many have limited resources, staff, and opportunities to do so, our organisation aims to use the dedication and passion of our consultants to help social firms bring about change.  As a student-led and worked organisation, we aim to help them improve this effectiveness through personalised 12 week long consulting services. But how do we do so?

Through extensive and professional training throughout the cycle, our consultants are prepped to best help your organisations. Following these trainings and through their weekly-meetings, our consultants use their personal knowledge and acquired skills to identify the problems your organisation is facing before coming up with a strategy, suggestions and any other necessary analysis to solve it. Your organisation is kept up to date with their progress through both meetings and interim presentations before being presented with the final report/ presentation at the end of the 12 weeks.

Our Expertise

Our group of students who follow expert training and use their resourceful thinking to help push your limits

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Marketing & Engagement

Marketing is all about effectively putting one's point across and attracting the right audience. To do so, we help find strategies to target the right audience, expand the organization's impact by establishing efficient marketing strategies, and increase overall engagement with the organization.

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Market or Expansion Strategy

A 180 DC Amsterdam, we believe that the best way to tackle market growth is  We help organizations strategically approach their market, whether this be by conducting market analysis of competitors, acquisition/retention programs, and data, or helping an organization sustainably grow.

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Revenue Generation

Revenue generation is one of the most important processes a company engages with as it enables it to achieve the ultimate aim of generating income. At 180 DC Amsterdam we help you achieve this by guiding you in the establishment of fundraising plans, donation strategies and development of analysis for long-term financial security for the organization to create the most possible impact.

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Operational Efficiency

We are conscious that in the social sector, money is often an issue and in order to best utilize the money we have, at 180 DC Amsterdam we wish to develop strategies to minimize your costs and maximize your revenues. By streamlining day-to-day activities, we help identify structural shortcomings within the organisation and design a strategy to combat internal inefficiencies.

As a branch drawing from a university pool of over 30,000 students in the Amsterdam area, our team is made up of highly motivated and passionate individuals. Furthermore, our consultants are diverse in terms of their backgrounds, their academic expertise, and their perspectives and ways of thinking. We take these eager to learn teams and pair them with passionate consultants from recognized firms to give them the best possible training. After receiving training, our teams are ready to help social impact organizations, regardless of the size, at low to no cost.
What Do we Do
We strive for better environmental management, community empowerment, and livelihood improvement using tree-planting as an entry point.
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Stay open-minded

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Protect the Earth

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Stay optimistic

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Work from love

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Lend a hand

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Plant new seeds

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Work together

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Be an open book

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